Ousainou Saine


Ousainou Saine Green Activist, CEO Ecotech and Vice President of Alliance for Sustainable Cooking Gambia

Ousainou Saine is a green activist, CEO Ecotech and Vice-President of Alliance for Sustainable Cooking Gambia. He graduated from Start-up Incubator Gambia in entrepreneurship and obtained a certificate from the climate technology centre network of UNEP in integrated sustainable waste management. He is the founder of #Ten4Pen initiative, a social entrepreneurship model to train young people to turn trash to treasure, using a community participation approach. He is active in clean up, green up activities in partnership with Greenup Gambia to innovatively curb waste and create urban green space. Ousainou Saine sits on the weekly climate lobbying Africa region meeting to propose ideas for the community carbon dividend concept in Africa. He is also an active volunteer at the Gambia Renewable Energy Centre and a member of REAGAM (Renewable Energy Association Gambia).

"Trash4cash: a social entrepreneurship model to curb waste"

Abstract: The speech will focus on the concept of integrated sustainable waste management (ISWM); that the selection of local appropriate technologies combined with a social entrepreneurship model can curb waste for the benefit of both the environment and economy. The speech will explore the difference between ISWM and existing approaches to waste management. It will also consider the social entrepreneurship model and the methodologies used to create the system - the principle and mechanisms of ISWM, its relevance for the technology selection and social business model design will all be explained. It will emphasize that waste management is not purely a technical issue, but that other aspects also need to be taken into account, such as the social and economic impact. In short, the speaker will identify the criteria for community waste management sustainability using a social entrepreneurship approach.