Keynote Speakers

Professor Emmanuel Adegbite
Professor of Accounting, Governance and  Responsibility and Head of Accounting & Finance Department at DMU

"Achieving Profit and Social Good through Corporate Social Responsibility"

One of the major criticisms of shareholder primacy relates to its ability to create enormous negative corporate externalities (i.e. third party costs) and the inability of the State and the market to Read More›

Prof. Dana Brown
Pro Vice Chancellor, Enterprise at DMU and Principal of Leicester Castle Business School

"Every Enterprise a Social Enterprise"

This talk will analyse current definitions of social enterprise and argue that the distinction between ‘social enterprise’ and ‘enterprise’ potentially undervalues the significance of the good business practices in social enterprise business models. Read More>

Mark Charlton
Head of Public Engagement and PhD Researcher at De Montfort University"Volunteering at University - helping to create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow"

For decades volunteering has been seen as a core student activity at university.  In recent times, how volunteering at university is organised and delivered has become more professional Read More›



Dorothy Francis MBE
CEO of the Co-operative and Social Enterprise Agency

"Change for Good"

Social enterprises run profitable businesses that meet social, environmental and ethical community needs. Creating positive change in local, national or international societies is at the heart of all social enterprises Read More›

Andrew Hunt
Co-founder and Managing Director,

"From micro farming to macro markets: transforming a never-heard-of ingredient into a trending global superfood – and creating a new sustainable business model for rural Africa"

Five years ago, nobody had heard of the African baobab fruit. Today it’s one of London’s best-selling superfoods Read More›

Dr Vivien Rolfe
Associate Head of Department of Bioscience at the University of the West of England

"Open educators as social entrepreneurs?"

The social entrepreneur applies novel solutions to address social issues whilst the open educator seeks to be innovative to broaden access to learning opportunities.  What can we learn from each other?  Read More›

Dr Perry Stanislas

Senior Lecturer, Community and Critical Justice, De Montfort University

"Institutional corruption and its impact on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and the Culture of Work in Developing Countries."

This presentation will address how the behaviour of political and administrative leaders and corrupt practices in many developing Read More›

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat

CEO of the Akshaya Patra Foundation

"Collaborate, Co-create and Innovate to Serve- From Charity to Social Enterprise"

Given the number of challenges we face today, it is virtually impossible to tackle them with solutions of yesterday. In fact, Read More›

Dr. D. Michael Shafer
Director, Warm Heart and Professor, International Political Economy, Rutgers University (Emeritus)

"Social Enterprise: Passing fad or tool for global transformation?"

A quick glance around the world is not reassuring. We are familiar with the supposed inevitability of center-periphery tyranny and the law that rapacious global Read More›


Christopher Herriot
Senior Lecturer in Youth Work & Community Development
at DMU

"The social enterprise: an instrument of super-exploitation or of social change?"

Capitalism has adapted to vast technological, cultural and societal changes far more than anticipated by Marx, Smith, Keynes or Hayek. It has emerged Read More›

Ousainou Saine
Green Activist, CEO Ecotech and Vice President of Alliance for Sustainable Cooking Gambia

"Trash4cash: a social entrepreneurship model to curb waste"

Abstract: The speech will focus on the concept of integrated sustainable waste management (ISWM); that the selection of local appropriate technologies Read More›

Sara Coulson
Senior Lecturer in Audiology, De Montfort University

"Being Heard: Lived Experience Of Mild Hearing Loss"

Research and statistics are important tools providing evidence for best practice.  It is also important to understand the implications of best practice Read More›

Dr. Sana Rizvi

Lecturer, Early Career Academic Fellow, DMU

"How can universities commit to being a social enterprise and offer empowering spaces to students from BME and from disadvantaged backgrounds?"

Abstract: In this talk, I will explore how universities can widen access and participation for students from BME and disadvantaged backgrounds by committing Read More›

David Judge and Dom Ryan
Director, One Unite Partnership

"One Unite: How can we be successful, sustainable and profitable, whilst being able to invest in our communities? "

The session is a most attend for three main reasons. In today's climate, One Unite feel as though they have been able to find an effective way to include Read More›

Alieu Gaye

Social Entrepreneur & Community Development Worker, The Gambia

"The Gambia Agro Industry and Social Entrepreneurship"

Abstract:His speech will focus on the Gambia agricultural value chain and why the country is not benefitting in the world market. Read More›

Dr Rupert Gammon
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, DMU


"A Social Enterprise Approach to Energy Service Provision in Developing Countries"

Around 1.2 billion people across the world still do not have access to electricity, almost all of them in the Global South and particularly in Read More›

Dr Carika Weldon
Lecturer, Biomedical Science, De Montfort University

"Investing in the youth – a guaranteed return: a case study on Bermuda"

Abstract: Profit is conventionally measured monetarily; however this does not apply when dealing with social good. Social good, which normally comes in Read More›