Dr Vivien Rolfe



Vivien Rolfe is a scientist and advocate for open education. In her work, she co-creates health and science open educational resources with staff and students, which are then curated and distributed via the internet. In the latest project she is working to raise awareness of open textbooks in the UK, funded by the Hewlett Foundation. Her research interests explore the benefits of open practice, and the social and ethical impact. She is co-chair of the forthcoming #OER18 conference organised by the Association of Learning Technology, and she blogs at vivrolfe.com.

“Open educators as social entrepreneurs?”

Abstract: The social entrepreneur applies novel solutions to address social issues whilst the open educator seeks to be innovative to broaden access to learning opportunities. What can we learn from each other? A theoretical framework for social entrepreneurship (1) was applied open educational resource projects (2) and suggests that open practice connects to many aspects of social entrepreneurship - the need for a clear vision and for organizational relevance for example. There are aspects of openness – providing open access to knowledge and resources that may benefit the social entrepreneur in return.

(1) Sekliuckiene, J. and Kisieliusm, E. 2015. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 213, 1015-1019.

(2) Rolfe V.E., 2016. Open Praxis, 8(4).